[Icecast] Problem with web services

Jo se kulturu01 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 14:43:01 UTC 2014

in fact it doesn't, i try what you suggest there but doesn't work

i was the same guy than ask that by irc, and the solution he gave
doesn't work, besides, the only real way to test it with my avaible
time and without interfere with the airtime service (to do real time
tests) is through this way

Thanks in any case

On 3/25/14, "Thomas B. Rücker" <thomas.ruecker at tieto.com> wrote:
> JFTR, this has been resolved on IRC, as the user posed the question
> there too.
> For further reference I'll summarize the result below.
> On 24/03/14 23:40, Jo se wrote:
>> Hey oh
>> i'm using one Ubuntu 12.04, and i set up a radio server automatized
>> with airtime.
>> The problem is, even i don't have any problem checking the airtime
>> site or the icecast web service by my web browser, when i install my
>> radio online player, which is basicaly a .html page with javascript &
>> html language inside, the icecast web service can't find it, the same
>> setup i use it on my CentOS & my Windows icecast services, but this is
>> the only one who doesn't work.
>> so the situation is, why he can't find it? i already put the specific
>> folder of the player on /usr... web & in /etc... web, also i put it on
>> /etc... icecast2 where it supose must go, and corrected the status.xsl
>> links to it, but still doesn't work.
> There is a peculiarity in how Debian packages Icecast. The webroot is in
> /usr/share/icecast2/web but as theoretically /usr could be read only,
> debian symlinks the XSLT files from /etc/icecast/web.
> So for further public reference:
> The webroot on Debian as of today is /usr/share/icecast2/web and NOT
> /etc/icecast/web, if you want icecast to be able to find your files AND
> follow the debian-way then put your files in /etc/icecast/web and
> symlink them from /usr/share/icecast2/web.
> In general, reading error.log, after possibly increasing log level to
> 4/Debug and restarting icecast, helps to diagnose many problems.
> Cheers
> Thomas
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