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Scott Winterstein scottsdeskcpu at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 18 00:15:01 UTC 2013

On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 7:27 PM, Timothy Clark Music
<timothyclarkmusic at me.com> wrote:
> wow, that's write, bash me for no reason.
>  apparently you don't realize the hours i've been putting into this.
>  you have given me the ability to stream on your station and i appreciate
> that.
>  however, i don't like the idea of someone who i hardly know going into my
> computer with a program i know nothing about.
>  you know, there's two sides to every story.
>  how about running your mouth before getting all of the facts, you give
> someone a chance to figure this stuff out.
>  let's face it, i hardly know you and you want to co into my computer, have
> access to all of my files, i'm just not comfortable with you doing that.
>  the things you've sent have helped and again, i appreciate them and am
> slowly figuring this stuff out.
>  if you don't want to help that's fine but you've no write to be telling
> others who they shouldn't help.
>  as i've said, there's two sides to every story.
>  there's reasons why people want to do things and there's reasons why some
> people won't do others and until i get to know you, i don't want you to be
> able to access my files here on my mac.
>  streaming is a hobby.
>  i write music as a career.
>  i'll be recording and streaming on the same computer. i don't want anything
> to happen to it.
>  i'm sorry you feel the way you do, but this is something you should have
> discussed with me like an adult.
>  sad thing of it is, some kids are more mature then some adults.
>  good grief.
> Timothy
>  Your friend in the music industry
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> http://www.reverbnation.com/timothyclark13
>  feel free to give me a call at
>  7244011224

You are using our knowledge for your own devices.  I am an adult you
are the child here. I offered you help I gave you a FREE slot on our
station all day Sundays,

built a player and a legit website, for you to work from on Sundays
for your show.


sent you the program, and the library to encode your source, and gave
you time to install it and test it... it don't take 4 days to
configure a encoder... its simple, and I sent you everything and the
instructions to do it. what more do you want? I mean come on your
blind not stupid.

All for free, you would pay nothing. And you disrespect that by
ignoring my calls, to try to help you get the encoder going, you then
further disrespect me by asking for more help in the dev, and icecast
group here. So what are your motives? ts not to get free help its to
use us. So go use someone else your not wanted here unless you come
clean and really apologize I'm done wit you..

My nephew has been blind since birth and one thing I know is he was
not stupid, hes in his 3rd year of college at Texas A&M University so
blind does not mean retarded. You need to grow up and accept help when
offered and not use peoples kindness for your own means. I think I
have been more that helpful to you. For you to ask for more shows your
intentions. Have a nice day.

I dont think you should have any issus with a person thats worked this
much for free that you should be concerned about their motives when
asked to let me remote in to configure the source encoder for you to
move it along after 4 days of waiting on you to do it

No one help this guy he's just using us.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Scott Winterstein

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