[Icecast] Opus vs. Vorbis

Gagarin Miljkovich gagarin at mrs.net
Fri May 31 16:48:24 UTC 2013

Hello Dennis!

Please send me the links to your streams. I'm interested in the audioquality.

Gagarin M.

Dennis Heerema <Dennis at Heerema.net> wrote:

>Hello Jordan,
>I run a test stream in OPUS format.
>I find the quality of OPUS way better at low bitrates then VORBIS.
>Thus better quality at lower bitrates, but also on higher bitrates the
>codec sounds good.
>Latency is lower, but for broadcasting a radio program for me at the
>moment it is not that importend, so i did not test that really with
>icecast (i did test opus low latency but with other applications:
>fideliphone and teamtalk)
>Stream runs stable, my stream is a transcode made by Liquidsoap, from a
>transparent ogg vorbis stream (The reason i'm doing that is because i'm
>transcoing also to  mp3, vorbis aacplus at different bitrates).
>Input is a live stream from a studio to my main icecast server, on this
>server i transcode with liquidsoap. Then every stream is relayed by two
>public icecast servers where listener clients connect to.
>Running this for quite a while now and it is stable for all streams.
>The is one downside on OPUS at the moment, there are not that much
>clients able to play opus, plus on track change the stream makes a
>little frame noticeable dropout. I do not know wheather this is cased
>liquidsoap or the player.
>The quys from liquidsoap say it is a problem how the player implemented
>the opus codec (VLC).
>If you want, you can listen to my (dutch streams, day hours non stop
>music, evenings programms hosted by a announcer) streams, send my a
>private message and i will send you al my diffrent stream links, so you
>can compare.
>Kind regards,
>Op 31-5-2013 16:43, TheDarkener schreef:
>> Hi all,
>> I've been looking at opus lately as a replacement to vorbis and it
>> seems to me that, at least on paper, it is the 'next generation'
>> streaming codec. Has anyone been using opus as a streaming codec to
>> Icecast? If so, how do the following general characteristics compare
>> vorbis?
>> + Quality
>> + Latency
>> + Bandwidth
>> + Performance (on stream client and Icecast server)
>> + Stability
>> Also, what use case in your setup (voice only, music, pre-recorded
>> vs. live input, ?) Any input is greatly appreciated. I understand
>> is little support (compared to vorbis, anyway) for opus, but I'm
>> to help change that at least a little bit.
>> Cheers,
>> Jordan
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