[Icecast] Clocks drift again

Sylvain Le Beux sylvain at dailytlj.com
Fri May 31 21:34:19 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Sorry again to bother you with this but there is really something I
don't fully understand about client/server clock syncs.
If I connect to the stream with a fresh browser, I can measure between
5-10 secs latency.
I keep listening to it for while, and the delay between server and
client grows as listening is going on.
As pointed out Philipp yesterday to me, it's approximately a 5% drift,
apparently caused by the client audio card clock.
But, then since there are no cuts in the sound as I am listening, it
means the audio rate is lower than the 22kHz of the files, right ?
And a 5% drift at 22kHz is around 1kHz difference ! And even if I did
not properly measured this behavior, I am not subjectively able to hear
a difference in the output.

So, what are the solutions for locking clocks so that the latency is
constant ?

Sorry if I don't understand properly.


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