[Icecast] Opus vs. Vorbis

Dennis Heerema Dennis at Heerema.net
Fri May 31 17:13:02 UTC 2013

Hello Jordan,

The only way i use opus is with live input, so i cannot help you with
the other questions, maybe other people on this list are able to answer

Kind regards,


Op 31-5-2013 17:52, TheDarkener schreef:
> Hi Dennis,
> Thank you very much for this info, it helps a lot!
> I'm curious about the track changing - I know that this currently is a
> semi-issue even with my own vorbis streams and some listening clients..
> for example, with ffmp3 sometimes the stream will drop between tracks.
> I'm also curious as to the implementation of "Intro" files (and
> tracks/live input in general, I guess) in Opus format and if, because of
> the "Dynamically adjustable bitrate" ( http://opus-codec.org ), you are
> able to stream files/input at different bitrates without disconnection
> of listening clients.
> Cheers,
> Jordan

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