[Icecast] Opus vs. Vorbis

Dennis Heerema Dennis at Heerema.net
Fri May 31 15:29:33 UTC 2013

Hello Jordan,

I run a test stream in OPUS format.
I find the quality of OPUS way better at low bitrates then VORBIS.
Thus better quality at lower bitrates, but also on higher bitrates the
codec sounds good.

Latency is lower, but for broadcasting a radio program for me at the
moment it is not that importend, so i did not test that really with
icecast (i did test opus low latency but with other applications:
fideliphone and teamtalk)

Stream runs stable, my stream is a transcode made by Liquidsoap, from a
transparent ogg vorbis stream (The reason i'm doing that is because i'm
transcoing also to  mp3, vorbis aacplus at different bitrates).

Input is a live stream from a studio to my main icecast server, on this
server i transcode with liquidsoap. Then every stream is relayed by two
public icecast servers where listener clients connect to.

Running this for quite a while now and it is stable for all streams.

The is one downside on OPUS at the moment, there are not that much
clients able to play opus, plus on track change the stream makes a
little frame noticeable dropout. I do not know wheather this is cased by
liquidsoap or the player.

The quys from liquidsoap say it is a problem how the player implemented
the opus codec (VLC).

If you want, you can listen to my (dutch streams, day hours non stop
music, evenings programms hosted by a announcer) streams, send my a
private message and i will send you al my diffrent stream links, so you
can compare.

Kind regards,


Op 31-5-2013 16:43, TheDarkener schreef:
> Hi all,
> I've been looking at opus lately as a replacement to vorbis and it sure
> seems to me that, at least on paper, it is the 'next generation'
> streaming codec. Has anyone been using opus as a streaming codec to
> Icecast? If so, how do the following general characteristics compare to
> vorbis?
> + Quality
> + Latency
> + Bandwidth
> + Performance (on stream client and Icecast server)
> + Stability
> Also, what use case in your setup (voice only, music, pre-recorded files
> vs. live input, ?) Any input is greatly appreciated. I understand there
> is little support (compared to vorbis, anyway) for opus, but I'm hoping
> to help change that at least a little bit.
> Cheers,
> Jordan

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