[Icecast] What HTML5 radio player do you use ?

michel memeteau michel.memeteau at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 14:36:22 UTC 2013

Hi , We think about updating our current flash based player [1] to a HTML5
one that would magically work on any mobile or desktop browser (So with
flash fallback)  to play our icecast streams ( MP3 + OGG [2] )

It would be great if the stream could start instantly.

What do you use currently to achieve this ?

[1] http://www.radiogalere.org/emissions/popup.php

[2] http://www.radiogalere.org:8080/status


web perso : http://memeteau.org

<xmpp%3Afreechelmi at jabber.fr>
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