[Icecast] Krad Pipe

Krad Radio kradradio at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 01:56:49 UTC 2013

I wrote a bent pipe program for relaying Icecast / KR streams.

Its the simplest minimal program possible at 300 lines~, and there is no

Its an extraction from Krad Transponder, I pulled this out into a little
command line program as I thought it might be immediately useful.


krad_pipe [from_host] [from_port] [from_mount] [to_host] [to_port]
[to_mount] [to_password]

*If either side gets disconnected the program exits, so for a continual
relay you can wrap in your favorite scripting lauguage:*
*hammer_time = 10*
*while hammer_time*
* krad_pipe [args]*
* sleep hammer_time*
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