[Icecast] Icecast relay as a source to another icecast?

José Luis Artuch artuch at speedy.com.ar
Sat Mar 2 12:39:37 UTC 2013

Hello Ethan.

El mié, 27-02-2013 a las 01:42 -0500, telmnstr at 757.org escribió:
> I have a situation where I'd like to be able to have icecast reach out to 
> another icecast server as a client. Is this possible with relaying? From 
> what I read relaying and master relaying both have the server reach out to 
> another server.
> The reason is this.
> I have a hardware encoder (Telos audioactive) sitting on a cablemodem.
> I have a remote provider (streamcheap or something) set to relay the telos 
> unit.
> It works, but eventually traffic on my cablemodem or other situations 
> cause the remote to disconnect. It never is able to reconnect again for 
> some reason.
> I changed it where I have the telos unit talking to a local icecast 
> server. Then the remote server currently relays by connecting into my 
> local icecast server. This part works (as it did directly to the telos 
> unit) but drops off just like before. I don't have full control over the 
> remote end and I don't know why it isn't relaying. But with the local 
> icecast server I was able to validate that it's 100% stable and doesn't 
> disconnect / fail to reconnect to the audioactive unit.

I've used VLC to receive signals from other servers, Ices2 as source
cliente and Icecast2 as server, all in one computer, functioning as a
signal repeater.

There were no problems with reconnections.

Also I have used bash programs to detect when the remote signal falls
definitively and then replace this by some other until the main signal

José Luis

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