[Icecast] Icecast relay as a source to another icecast?

"Rücker, Thomas" thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Wed Feb 27 12:27:20 UTC 2013


On 27/02/13 08:42, telmnstr at 757.org wrote:
> I have a situation where I'd like to be able to have icecast reach out to
> another icecast server as a client. Is this possible with relaying? From
> what I read relaying and master relaying both have the server reach out to
> another server.
<snip value="detailed setup" />

Your best bet in such a case is to use an external solution.
I'd probably go with liquidsoap as that should be able to take the 
stream as is and just push it to the remote server.

Other software like roaraudio/RPLD, mpd, gstreamer, xmms2 etc would 
probably work too, but I'm not sure which can do it without putting the 
stream through a decode/encode cycle.



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