[Icecast] Icecast 2.3.3 + Debian

Rémi Cardona remi.cardona at smartjog.com
Sun Jul 8 18:40:42 UTC 2012

Le 08/07/2012 19:50, Rücker Thomas a écrit :
> It sees far less testing and review than mainline.
> The other day we had someone for whom Icecast suddenly started crashing. 
> Turned out it was a kh build.

I'll pipe in.

The company I work for has 1000+ audio (and some video) streams, serving
tens of thousands of listeners per stream, running on both icecast and
icecast-kh and _both_ have _huge_ race conditions. We experience many
crashes per day on the 50+ servers we have in production.

Last year, Laurent Defert, a colleague of mine had opened several trac
tickets with patches to fix race conditions found using Hellgrind (a
close relative of memcheck, the main Valgrind tool).

I can only encourage the Icecast community to look at those patches
(though they were done for the "regular" icecast, the same exercise can
and _should_ be done for icecast-kh).



PS, if anyone has any questions, I'm almost always available on FreeNode
as remi` (with the backtick) or as remi|work.

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