[Icecast] artist and song for mp3 streams?; and, canonical list of legal value-ofs that can be used in XSLT!

Tom Swirly tom at swirly.com
Thu Jan 19 20:28:58 UTC 2012

Hello, Iceys!

Two related questions here.  First, I've just finished a little icecast ->
twitter script that's working nicely, and I've also discovered quite a bit
about icecast (the main thing is that it's dead easy to set up on Ubuntu -
I got a working radio station the first time with almost no debugging!
 Good job, guys.)

Now, on mp3 streams I only get a value for  <xsl:value-of select="title" />
and not for "artist" or "song".  Looking at the code, it appears as if the
artist value is only filled in for Ogg streams.

   1. Is there some hope of getting the artist or song from mp3 streams?
    If the developers would take a patch, I could fairly likely make the
   change myself, it doesn't seem that hard (after looking at it for all of 30
   seconds, that is...)
   2. Is there a canonical list of all the legal values you can get from an
   icecast server in a template by using <xsl:value-of select="..."> ?

This isn't critical - I'm getting good results already - but I'm always
interested in improving.  Thanks in advance!


http://radio.swirly.com - art music radio 24/7 366/1000
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