[Icecast] Transcode from AAC to MP3 (or vice versa)

Chip chiapas at aktivix.org
Mon May 23 08:01:39 UTC 2011


To continue the interesting streamTranscode thread but in a slightly
different direction, I have a user station that would like to send us
a 64kbps AAC stream and have us transcode that to 64kbps MP3 and
32kbps AAC - is this possible?

Points to consider:

a) we would be happy to go with another permutation such as: she sends
us 64kbps MP3 and we convert that to 64kbps AAC and 32kbps ACC.

b) this AAC patch is undoubtedly going to be useful:


However I am trying to install on a Fedora server and the repositories
mentioned in the above how-to are for Debian. I'm having difficulty
tracking down all the relevant Fedora repos for some of these

libogg0 libogg-dev libvorbis0a libvorbis-dev liblame0
liblame-dev libfaac0 libfaac-dev libfaad0 libfaad-dev libmad0
libmad0-dev libflac8 libflac-dev automake libtool

Ideally I think I'd like to be pointed towards a Fedora repo
equivalent to the Debian multimedia one in the example above.

A solution might be for me to create a fresh Debian [virtual] machine
and go with that - but I'd much prefer to stick with a Fedora/Centos
based platform.

Any pointers would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.



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