[Icecast] Any roadmap on WebM Support ?

michel memeteau michel.memeteau at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 09:54:10 UTC 2011

Hello , We are using Icecast for few years in a small french radio
station with great success ! ( hitting 60 simultaneous listeners
sometimes :-)  )


Now we plan to stream the webcam capture of the studio, we 've done a
test with Ogv/theora @128kb video with great sucess although none of
the HTML5 browser wher able to keep on playing the stream after few
hours, only standalone players could ( like VLC)

So before launching this new stream, we are wondering if Webm could be
a better option ( at least when FF4 will be spread) but we don't want
to use another stream server such as flumotion just for this stream
and would like to carry on using icecast.

Is there some evolution on Webm support, does it need a lot of changes
in Libshout for example ? or does the code structure of icecast makes
it easy to add new containers/codecs ?

thx for this great piece of Libre software !

web perso : http://memeteau.com
Boutique Ordinateurs GNU/Linux : http://shop.ekimia.fr
Fixe :  0974763294 Mobile : 0624808051
Visio/jabber/GTalk : xmpp:freechelmi at jabber.fr

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