[Icecast] limit-rate usage

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Fri Oct 1 17:56:20 PDT 2010

As a stream host selling bandwidth space, we are interested in this change.
Currently we need to use software we have written to periodically check if
all streams do not exceed the bitrate purchased.  If one is found, a manual
email is written to them.
I'm just wondering if your routines take into account internet congestion
where the stream may be uploaded at a slower rate for say 30 seconds and
once the congestion clears, the backlog is uploaded as fast as possible.

For example, I've seen a 64k stream go as low as 32k for a few seconds and
then jump up to 100k for a short time.  Will the code handle this ok?


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On 01/10/10 19:36, Nicholas Young wrote:
> So, I've googled around, and can't seem to find anything regarding usage
> limit-rate inside of the mount tags.
> So...
> <mount>
>     blah... mount settings here
>     <limit-rate>(How to set the number here?</limit-rate>
> </mount>
> Any help would be appreciated.

This is in the kh tree. If you specify a number for that then the 
incoming bitrate is limited to that.  If someone sends a 96k stream to a 
mount set with a 64k limit then listeners will rebuffer as they don't 
get enough data for playback and eventually the application sending the 
data will notice a backlog and will drop the connection.

usage is straightforward  <limit-rate>70k</limit-rate> or in bytes which 
ever you prefer but set it a little over the expected bitrate. Streams 
with lower bitrates will not be affected.


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