[Icecast] limit-rate usage

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Oct 1 18:19:31 PDT 2010

On 02/10/10 01:56, Ross Levis wrote:
> As a stream host selling bandwidth space, we are interested in this change.
> Currently we need to use software we have written to periodically check if
> all streams do not exceed the bitrate purchased.  If one is found, a manual
> email is written to them.
> I'm just wondering if your routines take into account internet congestion
> where the stream may be uploaded at a slower rate for say 30 seconds and
> once the congestion clears, the backlog is uploaded as fast as possible.
> For example, I've seen a 64k stream go as low as 32k for a few seconds and
> then jump up to 100k for a short time.  Will the code handle this ok?

it would, it takes an average over the last 60 seconds for the incoming 
bitrate, so a slowdown and recover over that period is not a problem. 
The only case that is a possible issue (a minor one really) is a large 
burst when a relay is kicked off.


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