[Icecast] limit-rate usage

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Oct 1 12:22:26 PDT 2010

On 01/10/10 19:36, Nicholas Young wrote:
> So, I've googled around, and can't seem to find anything regarding usage of
> limit-rate inside of the mount tags.
> So...
> <mount>
>     blah... mount settings here
>     <limit-rate>(How to set the number here?</limit-rate>
> </mount>
> Any help would be appreciated.

This is in the kh tree. If you specify a number for that then the 
incoming bitrate is limited to that.  If someone sends a 96k stream to a 
mount set with a 64k limit then listeners will rebuffer as they don't 
get enough data for playback and eventually the application sending the 
data will notice a backlog and will drop the connection.

usage is straightforward  <limit-rate>70k</limit-rate> or in bytes which 
ever you prefer but set it a little over the expected bitrate. Streams 
with lower bitrates will not be affected.


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