[Icecast] Camera MJPEG to Icecast

Bino Oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Tue Nov 2 08:32:16 UTC 2010

Dear Thomas
I Really Appreciate your enlightment
Thomas B. Ruecker wrote:
> let's stop RIGHT HERE!
> Isn't it obvious?
> Something is wrong with your pipeline here. There is NOTHING coming through.
> Which brings us back to the previous point.
> First make sure ffmpeg2theora has all the right options set, then verify
> that it produces an valid ogg file/stream and only then try to oggfwd it.
You are right !!
I try to open the ogg file ... and nothing comes up.

Now (I ithink) I fix the problem using recipe from

First I run one vlc just to get the feed to a file called mypipe.mjpg
next, I run another vlc to read that local mjpg file , and transcode and 
send it to IceCast server.

First try stoped after some minutes ...
Looks like the 2nd vlc reach end of file ...
Then I try to click the "loop" button and .... Voila .... it works !!

Thankyou for your enlightment.


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