[Icecast] Using MPD as an Icecast source (hint: using jack helps)

johnlist at gulfbridge.net johnlist at gulfbridge.net
Fri Oct 30 05:48:55 UTC 2009

I thought I should report this: (In my case at least) defining a "jack"
output for mpd caused a "shout" output to become operational.

I was trying to configure mpd with a "shout" output to feed my Icecast2
server, but with no luck.

Giving up, I fell back to option 2: Feeding my mpd output to darkice using
"jack" as an interface.

As soon as I had defined the jack output in mpd.conf, the
already-defined-but-not-working "shout" output started working!

All I did was add the following to mpd.conf:
audio_output {
    type    "jack"
    name    "my jack device"

I am using mpd 0.14.2 (Ubuntu 9.04).

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