[Icecast] Who sets the mount point?

Eric Kolotyluk eric at sfu.ca
Wed Oct 28 04:33:51 UTC 2009

OK, I solved my problem. I was using ODDCAST v2. I switched to edcast 
(ODDCAST v3) and was able to set the mountpoint to something different. 
I can change it in the edcast configuration and it automatically changes 
the mount-point in IceCast. Wha-Hoo!

There is some incredibly valuable information in this thread that should 
be in the IceCast documentation on the "Icecast 2 - Basic Setup" page.

It would also be nice if there were an official Icecast wiki somewhere 
so that people could document things as they figure them out.

Thanks everyone for the tips.

Cheers, Eric

On 10/27/2009 6:18 PM, David Saunders wrote:
> This is what i found out in use with the icecast servers.
> Mounts Can be made by each  of the following:
> 1>  The icecast.xml file define a mount with a username/password for
> this mount. Since most our broadcaster using edcast to broadcast the
> username is set to source.
> 2>  The use of the global  source password can create a dynamic mount.
>    But, the best way is to define it in the icecast.xml file by the
> mount. By using the method 2 to create a new mount that is not
> defined, will cause relaying not to happen.
> We current create a mount, and assign a password to the mount for each
> of out broadcasters.  We also, defined mounts without passwords for in
> house streams using the source password.
> I cant say much for shoutcast mounts we don't use them.
> basicly, the source password can be used when ther mount has not been
> assigned a password in the icecast.xml file.
> So I guess the answer to your questions is, the icecast/xml is the
> preferred method of setting the mount and password :)
> david
> On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 5:49 PM, Eric Kolotyluk<eric at sfu.ca>  wrote:
>> Sorry for what seems like a real newbie question, but who actually sets
>> the mount point? Is it the client/source, the icecast.xml file, or both?
>> I find the IceCast configuration documentation quite confusing as it
>> does not really explain mount points very well. If someone would take
>> the time to explain things to me I would volunteer to improve the
>> documentation.
>> Case in point. I've been using IceCast for years, but never really
>> understood what I was doing. Recently I installed IceCast 2.3.1 on my
>> new computer. I have not configured anything - everything is the default
>> out of the box experience. As far as I can tell the default icecast.xml
>> file does not actually have any mount points defined, they are all
>> commented out. Am I correct?
>> I'm using the ODDCAST DSP with Winamp. As far as I can tell IceCast
>> locked on to the first mount point I configured in ODDCAST, which
>> happened to be example-complex.ogg, and now I cannot seem to change it.
>> Is this how IceCast works, it takes whatever the client/source sends it
>> and then automatically creates a mount point?
>> My problem now is my ODDCAST DSP seems to be locked into
>> example-complex.ogg as its 'destination' and won't release it even when
>> I change the mount point in the DSP Config settings. I would like to
>> change the mount point to something else, but I cannot figure out how.
>> Has the mount point "example-complex.ogg" been locked into my Winamp
>> configuration somewhere, or is something in the IceCast configuration
>> that is forcing this mount point?
>> I have uninstalled the ODDCAST DSP and reinstalled it, and the DPS still
>> thinks it's configured to "example-complex.ogg" even though it has not
>> connected to IceCast yet. I suspect there is some magic winamp/oddcast
>> config file somewhere, but I am unable to find it (as Windows search
>> mechanism is hopelessly lame).
>> Cheers, Eric
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