[Icecast] Vorbis still glitching on metadata update?

Andreas Bergstrøm andreas.bergstrom at hiof.no
Wed Oct 28 13:53:26 UTC 2009

On 27. okt. 2009, at 17:40, Karl Heyes wrote:

> inserts for ogg are different to mp3. It is generally better to get  
> the
> source client to do that as it will be in sync with the content.

I see, thank you. I guess the challenge will be finding a system which  
allows insertion of metadata on the encoding side.

>> Metadata is updated via the web admin interface from a script.
>> Has anyone else encountered this or know a way to fix this issue?
> from here, ogg123 is ok (although a 128k buffer, not sure what the
> prebuffer % is, seems to be low, try increasing those).

I can look into increasing the burst-on-connect value.

>  mplayer is fine
> but vlc keeps resetting itself in a major way on a new logical stream.
> The format of the stream looks ok, I don't see any specific issue with
> it. There is one other thing I can check but I'll have to get back to
> you on that.

OK, I will await that then while looking into inserting metadata at  
encoding time.


Andreas Bergstrøm

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