[Icecast] limit source bitrate

Pierpaolo gullˆa sviluppo at audiias.com
Wed Jan 28 23:17:28 UTC 2009

Hi Karl ,

I' using your latest branch , I downloaded it here 

I try your instruction ,  adding the <limit-rate> tag before  the 
closure of </mount> tag.

Now I'm trying using the value 300000 ( are byte?) 300K (using the big K 
not k and seems to runs very good) and soon I will use the value 0.3M or 
1M or 1.3 M

If I use a bitrate upper the 300000 kilobyt I cannot connect to the 
server , but you say to me " it does drop the connection if the rate 
stays high for a certain amount of time.  "

To me the connections doesn't start if I go up ther limit. Now I try 
with a media that starts with a value under the limit and go upper later 
during the streaming , so I see how Icecast responds.

Reply send my result to you and the Mainling List.

Best Regards


Karl Heyes ha scritto:
> Pierpaolo gullˆa wrote:
>> Hi guys ,
>> I'm trying to limit the bitrate of a source client.
>> I'm using the icecast 2.3.1 and the 2.3.2 , but in the documentation 
>> , in particular in the limit section I don't see nothing.
>> So I'm asking to you :
>> There is a way to limit to a max bitrate , the bitrate that a client 
>> can use for a particular mountpoint ?
> I have this in my branch work (check my forum profile for the address) 
> but I haven't had much feedback on this so it's either working well or 
> not being used.
> Just add in <mount> either
> <limit-rate> to limit the incoming stream, it does drop the connection 
> if the rate stays high for a certain amount of time.
> <max-bandwidth> to limit the number of new listeners connecting.
> both take the value format as either 40000, 40K or 40M. You'll want to 
> allow a little bit extra over the expected bitrate and also watch for 
> variable bitrate streams.
> karl.

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