[Icecast] Question over broadcasting using icecast server

Jonathan Addleman jonathan.addleman at mail.mcgill.ca
Tue May 13 20:56:43 UTC 2008

kosnickx wrote:
> The question is how to change from one producer to the next one when
> the first finishes his/her broadcast ? For example lets say John is 
> the first producer and Mary is the second. John is logged on to the 
> server with his client and its about time to stop broadcasting. If he
> closes his connection so as Mary to continue there would be a stop
> in the broadcasting and ofcourse listeners would have to "reload" the
> station. Is this right? If i am wrong , could someone explain some
> solution to this "gap between producers"?

A simple solution, but maybe not the best one, would be to use a
fallback mount. Basically, one broadcaster (i.e. source) would
disconnect when he finishes. Then the listeners would all hear some sort
of 'hold music'. Then when another source connected, all listeners would
automatically switch over to hear that. The broadcasters would have to
manage the timing themselves with this method - waiting until the
previous show finished before trying to connect their own, but I imagine
it would work fine.

has some info about fallback mounts.
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