[Icecast] Question over broadcasting using icecast server

Thomas B. Ruecker dm8tbr at afthd.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed May 14 10:02:03 UTC 2008

kosnickx schrieb:
> Hallo everyone in the Icecast project.
> First of all i want to apologize in case this message should not be in 
> this list but i believe this is the place to answer my question.
> I know only a little about icecast server. I would like to build up a 
> live radio station. The concept is something like : the server is set up 
> in some place and all producers broadcast themselves from their place, 
> so there is no common studio for every one in the radio station (maybe 
> producers don't even know each other and live in totally diferrent 
> places). The question is how to change from one producer to the next one 
> when the first finishes his/her broadcast ? For example lets say John is 
> the first producer and Mary is the second. John is logged on to the 
> server with his client and its about time to stop broadcasting. If he 
> closes his connection so as Mary to continue there would be a stop in 
> the broadcasting and ofcourse listeners would have to "reload" the station.
> Is this right? If i am wrong , could someone explain some solution to 
> this "gap between producers"?
You'll want to use a scenario with fallbacks for that.
If you want totally gapless transitions you should have some fixed loop 
that is locally fed to the server (ices without reencoding does a 
perfect job there)as the lowest fallback. Above that e.g. one mountpoint 
per dj and on the top the primary mount to which listeners should connect.

I can recommend the documentation found here: 



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