[Icecast] Different password for every mountpoint

chiapas at aktivix.org chiapas at aktivix.org
Tue Jul 22 21:34:25 UTC 2008

2008/7/20 Pierpaolo gullˆa <sviluppo at audiias.com>:
> Hi guys ,


> I have a little doubt:

Doubt no more.

> It's possible with the last version of icecast2 to set a diffferent
> password for every mountpoint different from the server's password?


If you want one password for all encoders (the Icecast default
setting) you can amend the following section:


In this scenario anyone can create a stream on any mountpoint on your
server using this password ('hackme'). If you want to change the
password you simply edit between the tags and include a new plain text

> Because I want to manage the access to the server for every mountpoint
> and without give the server's password.

You can do it like this in icecast.xml:



> Another question it's if I do some changes on the icecast.xml
> configuration , and later restart the icecast with /etc/init.d/icecast2
> restart (debian linux box) , icecast takes the changes on the xml
> configuration?

Yes, as far as I know that's how it all works.

> Because I want to try to modify the icecast.xml dynamically with php.

If you add mountpoints to icecast.xml then you will need to force
Icecast to re-read the icecast.xml file before the changes take place.
You can do this by sending a SIGHUP signal from the command line using
the following command:

killall -HUP icecast

> Big thanks for your help

Hope that helps.

> Goodbye


> Pierpaolo


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