[Icecast] Streaming to Doja devices

Horacio Sanson hsanson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 02:48:49 PDT 2007

Doja devices (NTT Mobile Phones) are very limited in their connectivity
capabilities and was wondering if icecast can help me overcome them. The
first limitation is that they only support HTTP that as I can see would not
be a problem with icecast. The second limitation is that these Doja devices
cannot transfer more than 150KB of data per HTTP connection so I can not
simply establish one connection to the streaming server (keep-alive) and
download all the stream.

So the question is if icecast supports some sort of burst mode were I can
establish connections in sequence and download pieces of the stream each
time. I saw some burst related options in the configuration file but looks
like is only for connection establishment and after that we get a continuous
stream of data.

If someone knows a streaming server that can send data in bursts of specific
size I would greatly appreciate the information.

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