[Icecast] Web application to feed icecast

Claus Malter debian at sprayen.de
Sun May 27 07:17:29 UTC 2007

Hello Curtis,

Engineering wrote:
> Are you wanting it to feed from a database? IF so check out tunez,
> http://tunez.sourceforge.net/

Tunez is very (very) nice. Unfortunately developement does not go any
further since 2004. Except of a few little bugs Tunez is exactly what
I've meant.

I guess interest is low or rather a few people need something like that.
Maybe someone of the icecast staff could create a overview of (icecast)
web controls, existing out there, with help of the list. Maybe there are
some alternatives to tunez.

> Respectfully,
> RT Curtis


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> Hello,
> i guess this question appeared before, but I haven't found anything by
> searhing the whole morning.
> I know that some web radio stations use icecast2. They also have a web
> application that makes it possible to request songs, add items to the
> playlist of the source client and so on. Most of the web radios have
> developed the web application by itself (i guess so).
> I'm not able to develope such a piece of work by myself. I only
> broadcast music to my LAN. Do anyone of you know such a web application,
> available for the public?
> Thanks and kind regards,
> Claus

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