[Icecast] history of your mount point sessions

Rob McDonald rob.mcdonald at nzpages.net
Fri Jun 8 23:06:54 UTC 2007

Hi beshoo,


I have written a crude hack for icecast2 that implements mysql access logs.
It's basically a few extra methods in logging.c, some configuration
directives added, and a new file mylog.c


You have the option of having MySQL Logging in addition to standard file
logging, and it can be switched on and off, and authentication can be set in
the config.xml


I will make up a diff you can patch the icecast-2.3.1 source tree with if
you like.


Then a quick query like


SELECT * FROM `icecastLogs` WHERE `method` = 'SOURCE';

should give you a list of every source connection, and its end date and
duration. (startdate is enddate - duration seconds)



On a busy busy server this might consume quite a lot of overhead, and
possible bring down your mysql server, as I haven't implemented persistent








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Dear all Smile

Thank you for your time

Well I like to ask some thing about
( total_bytes_read )
Etc.. () Mount point values

As we know each Mount Point has a separated status diagram in the admin page

I want to save this numbers in a Mysql database !
So I can see some thing like (total_bytes_read /total_bytes_sent.etc)
history , because when you disconnect you broadcast the status diagram will
disappear .

Well what I am looking for is some think like this :

If we have a mount point named as , e.g. /lovemusic.mp3
Automatically Icecast will create a new record in the Mysql

The content of the is all values is of lovemusic mount point showed in admin
page is included!

When the mount point sessions is disconnect e.g. ( closing OddCast program /
disconnect ...etc.), that mean next time we well have a new record line in
the Mysql show a new session and information value!

PS : I like to add a new value : ( Disconnect time date ).
PS : When icecast will insert the record it will insert mount point owner
information !
e.g. mount-name , password

PS : Each mount point will has his own record.
This is a voluble thing , you can see a history of your mount point sessions
! Idea


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