[Icecast] history of your mount point sessions

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Fri Jun 8 12:51:28 UTC 2007

Dear all SmileThank you for your timeWell I like to ask some thing about( total_bytes_read )(total_bytes_sent)Etc.. () Mount point valuesAs we know each Mount Point has a separated status diagram in the admin page !I want to save this numbers in a Mysql database !So I can see some thing like (total_bytes_read /total_bytes_sent…etc) history , because when you disconnect you broadcast the status diagram will disappear .Well what I am looking for is some think like this :If we have a mount point named as , e.g. /lovemusic.mp3Automatically Icecast will create a new record in the MysqlThe content of the is all values is of lovemusic mount point showed in admin page is included!When the mount point sessions is disconnect e.g. ( closing OddCast program / disconnect ...etc.), that mean next time we well have a new record line in the Mysql show a new session and information value!PS : I like to add a new value : ( Disconnect time date ).PS : When icecast will insert the record it will insert mount point owner information !e.g. mount-name , passwordPS : Each mount point will has his own record.This is a voluble thing , you can see a history of your mount point sessions ! Idea
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