[Icecast] Conceptual problem?

Tod tod at stthomasepc.org
Fri Jun 15 17:00:15 UTC 2007

I am just starting to experiment with Icecast2.  I have a collection of 
.wav files that I eventually want to stream out as either ogg or mp3.
None of the source clients I found could do this type of re-encoding, 
maybe I just missed one?  So I set out writing a shell script to do it 
for me.

I'm having a real tough time getting things to work so I finally decided 
that maybe I don't have a thorough understanding of what I need to do. 
I thought it would be as simple as taking my .wav file, passing it 
through oggenc to encode it, and then redirect that output to the mount 
point defined in icecast.xml.

Is that anywhere near reasonable or is there something more 
sophisticated going on in the source clients than I thought.  Everything 
_seems_ to be working on the server side but when I try connecting 
nothing happens.

Thanks for any assistance.

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