[Icecast] Basics about Videostreaming?

Anatol icecast at recordcaster.de
Thu Jan 18 10:46:28 UTC 2007

Hi All!

I've seen, that icecast can stream videos! Great! Audiostreaming with 
icecast is well known, but how about videostreaming? Can you tell me 
some basics about it?

- which software is required? (Icecast, ok ;) what else? - by the way: 
my OS is a linux ;) )
- I want to stream a live-video with 1024x768 resolution - is it 
possible? - is it wise?
- what a compression-rate is to use, if the output-device is a beamer 
(1024x768) and the images should have a medium or a good quality in 
spite of the compression
- What a bandwidth is needed for this resolution/compression?
- which other points are important to keep in mind?

Thanks for your help!

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