[Icecast] Add-on patch to support .pls .asx .ram .qtl listing formats

Leo Currie leo.currie at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 11:50:55 UTC 2006

On 24/09/06, Guy Baconnière <baco at infomaniak.ch> wrote:
> Hi,
> If you have multiple players installed on your PC/Mac .m3u will always
> open the last media player who are the default in charge of the extension
> and mime m3u.
> On your web site you want maybe to force a link to open real media player
> or quicktime/itune. You need to create a .pls to force winamp loading the
> streaming because windows media player won't open .pls etc.
> If you add a .pls file or other listing formats to icecast root you
> will receive incorrect mime type so maybe a futur "todo" can be customized
> mime-types for each extension.
> So I have included in attachement a patch to implement all listings formats
> available in order to generate a listing with a link to the streaming.
> Based on http://www.streamalot.com/playlists/playlist-formats.htm
> I hope you can include this patch in your next release and make once again
> icecast the best audio streaming server available on the market !
> -- thanks for your great product !

I agree this is a useful feature.
It would be great if the .asx playlist could contain the correct
stream title information. Is this possible?


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