[Icecast] Buffering

Michael Hughes voice23 at kc.rr.com
Tue Oct 3 08:58:53 PDT 2006

Considering the pompous response from one of the moderators, indicating the 
harm I inflicted on the list by an unwitting attempt to send a 76k image in 
a previous email, I wish to offer my apologies for any paind and suffering 
that any of you may have incurred. It was not my will to be harmful.

Also, the arrogance portrayed by his informing me that I did not provide 
enough information to allow for sufficient feedback on my problem, cause me 
to respectfully submit the following. I hope that it is sufficient to aid in 
my naive and newbie question regarding "buffering".

1.  The bit rate of your stream.  96k

2.  The bandwidth coming into and out of your server.  3.2mbps

3.  The bandwidth of the connection where you are trying to listen to your
stream  Same.

4.  Which streaming software you're using. SAM 3.43

5.  The hardware specs of the machine(s) this is all running on. HP 3200 
1.8ghz 4mb ram.

6.  Anything else that you think might help us help you.
If I knew, I could probably figure it out myself. 

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