[Icecast] [kg228 at lycos.com: I need some help with icecast and web]

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Tue Mar 28 01:59:56 UTC 2006

Forwarding to the public list as requested...

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From: kevin Gilbert <kg228 at lycos.com>
Subject: I need some help with icecast and web

I was having trouble finding the right e-amil address to ask my question I hope this is the right place if not please re direct this to them.

My question is I am launching a onlne radio station and the way I am doing it is where people that want to listen can only listen by clicking the link on my web page. would this software allow me to stream on my sight only I do not want it listed on any free listen sites for my station is only for members and they require a monthly fee to continue to listen.

Is ice cast right for me or do you know what I need to streem on my page securely.

thank you for your time

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