[Icecast] [kg228 at lycos.com: I need some help with icecast and web]

Robert Muchnick hostmaster at xenterra.net
Tue Mar 28 02:25:15 UTC 2006

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Ralph Giles wrote:

> Forwarding to the public list as requested...
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> Subject: I need some help with icecast and web
> I was having trouble finding the right e-amil address to ask my question 
> I hope this is the right place if not please re direct this to them.
> My question is I am launching a onlne radio station and the way I am 
> doing it is where people that want to listen can only listen by clicking 
> the link on my web page.

That is trivial to set up. You can see that on my company's site
http://www.metaflash-direct.com or a Shoutcast-enabled site I maintain for 
a client (he's moving to Icecast shortly at my insistence :-)), 

> would this software allow me to stream on my 
> sight only I do not want it listed on any free listen sites

With Icecast, you can turn off "Yellow Pages" publication so it's not 

> for my 
> station is only for members and they require a monthly fee to continue 
> to listen.

Icecast provides for password protected listener access.

> Is ice cast right for me or do you know what I need to streem on my page 
> securely.
> thank you for your time

You would need a programmed Web interface running against a database and 
merchant account to set up online subscriptions and establish the password 
protection. If you cannot do this yourself, you'll need to hire a 
programmer to do this for you.

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Robert Muchnick

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