[Icecast] icecast not showing up in the stream directory..

Todd Rittel kc0ccb at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 27 10:43:36 UTC 2006

hey there everybody,   

   got some problems on icecast v 2.3.1 i'm trying to get it to upload the server into to the online directory on icecast... havent checked on audiorealm.com yet, but will do that sometime be4 i hear back from one of you..   

i've tryed installing version 2.2 and 2.3 also with no luck.   

thanks in advance.. talk at ya later..     

73's and 88's DE TODD KCØCCB DN84FK 

ICQ #: 71473037 

NET: http://www.webspawner.com/users/hamradio/index.html 

MYSPACE : http://www.myspace.com/kc0ccb  
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