[Icecast] Video fallback

Pablo Lorenzzoni spectra at debian.org
Fri Jan 27 05:07:24 UTC 2006


Em Qui, 26 Jan 2006, Karl Heyes escreveu:
| >I was wondering if video fallback is supported at all...
| The fallback handing in kh2 follows the same process as in the main release and fallback works with theora as well as 
| vorbis.  What is not clear is in this case is what is actually happening.  Can you send me error log at around the 
| time the /live.ogg stream stops and describe exactly what happens with whatever player your using, also check with 
| other theora players if you can, as you may have one that doesn't handle chained ogg theora streams.

Thanks for answering.

I tried with VLC 0.8.4, MPlayer dev-CVS--4.0.3 and Totem-gstreamer
1.0.5. Happened samething with the three: I was playing live.ogg... when
I stopped the source it froze and black.ogg never showed up. I am
attaching a trimmed down, gzipped version of error.log. Also that's what
happened around the time I stopped live.ogg:

[2006-01-27  02:46:18] INFO source/get_next_buffer End of Stream /live.ogg
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] INFO source/source_shutdown Source "/live.ogg" exiting
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] INFO source/source_move_clients passing 1 listeners to "/black.ogg"
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_clear_source clearing source "/live.ogg"
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_clear_source removed 0 listeners
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG format-ogg/format_ogg_free_headers releasing header pages
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG format-ogg/free_ogg_codecs freeing codecs
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG format-vorbis/vorbis_codec_free freeing vorbis codec
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG format-theora/theora_codec_free freeing theora codec
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_free_source freeing source "/live.ogg"
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] INFO source/source_apply_mount Applying mount information for "/black.ogg"
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_update_settings public set to 0
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_update_settings max listeners to -1
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_update_settings queue size to 524288
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_update_settings burst size to 65535
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_update_settings source timeout to 10
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG source/source_update_settings fallback_when_full to 0
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] INFO source/process_listeners listener count on /black.ogg now 1
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node outgoing_bitrate (76528)
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node incoming_bitrate (76528)
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node total_bytes_read (379167)
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node total_bytes_sent (129025)
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node listeners (0)
[2006-01-27  02:46:18] DBUG stats/process_source_event delete source node /live.ogg

This happened for all the three clients and the three attempts. With the
screen showing the frozen last frame of live.ogg, I also tried to cycle
pause and play, and also stop and play with no success.

I've used VLC 0.8.4 before with chained ogg theora streams and I know it
worked, but I tried other clients as you suggested...

I am pretty lost, since, with that log, it looks like being working,



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