[Icecast] Video fallback

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Jan 26 12:36:06 UTC 2006

Pablo Lorenzzoni wrote:
> Hello!
> Using 2.3-kh2 I wasn't able to make fallback work. This is what I am
> using:
> ...

> I was wondering if video fallback is supported at all...

The fallback handing in kh2 follows the same process as in the main 
release and fallback works with theora as well as vorbis.  What is not 
clear is in this case is what is actually happening.  Can you send me 
error log at around the time the /live.ogg stream stops and describe 
exactly what happens with whatever player your using, also check with 
other theora players if you can, as you may have one that doesn't handle 
chained ogg theora streams.


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