[Icecast] elegant way of re-encoding?

kloschi kloschi at subsignal.org
Fri Jan 27 01:51:09 UTC 2006


I have a single stream going to my icecast server, encoded in hi-quality
ogg. goal is to serve hi- and low quality ogg and mp3 streams,
re-encoded from the single hi-quality ogg stream.

encoding all from e.g. oddcast simultaniously is not an option.

it would be easier if source-streams would be static and always named
the same .. unfortunately they are not. if so, I could define simple
configs for streamtranscoder (if I understood the use of
streamtranscoder correctly ;)

so, what I'm looking for is a way to re-encode every stream which is
sent to the icecast server, as soon as it is started.

this could be done with streamtranscoder and a looped bash script
around, that looks if there is a source, if so it starts the re-encode.

Is there an elegant way, better than a bash script? maybe a plugin for
the icecast server itself?

or, where to find out more about?

kind regards,

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