[Icecast] Config ICECAST server in Wndows XP Pro

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Tue Feb 14 16:00:32 UTC 2006

tam taly wrote:

>   Thanks for Your reply. We are not able understand How to config Source
> point

If you mean mountpoint, you might not need or want to do anything with it.

> and what is the differences between admin and source because here in
> this document we are entering separate password for admin and source. If
> admin means ICECAST admin then I don't have any user name or password for my
> ICECAST server which is installed in my system.

The admin username and password are the username and password that a user 
has to enter when wanting to administer your server, done by going to 
http://<server>:<port>/admin/<a template in your admin dir>.

> We are not able understand
> what is meant by relay user?

There are two types of relaying that can be done, individual streams and 
entire server relaying.  An individual stream relay just works like any 
other listener.  If you want an Icecast server to relay all the streams on 
another Icecast server, you can put the slave into server relay mode, and 
to do this it needs to provide the relay password.  I actually thought that 
there was only a password but maybe there's a username too.  Anyway, that's 
what that is for.

> What is meant by YP Directory Settings? How it
> is useful to our server and what are functions of YP Directory Settings.

A YP directory is a site where streams are listed.  An example of an 
Icecast YP directory is http://dir.xiph.org

>            In this document all commands are in Linux based only, that is
> confusing us because we are using windows. How listener receives the voice
> or music from us.

There is a chapter on Windows down near the bottom.

For a listener to hear your stream, they either need to enter the direct 
server URL of your stream into the Open Location box of their player, or 
they need to click on a link on your website which contains this URL.  The 
latter case is more common.  So say you had a stream on the mountpoint 
/mystream.ogg, and your server is on server.com on port 8000.  Then you'd 
make a .m3u file containing:


and place a link to it on your website.  All things being equal, a listener 
would click on this link, the .m3u file would download and launch the 
appropriate player, which would open the M3U file and begin streaming your 

>            Can you please guide us and help to config the server. If you
> have any sample files which is works windows XP pro please send it.

The config file is the same for either Win32 or *nix, though a couple of 
things in the file don't apply to Windows.

Perhaps if you tell us in more detail what it is you want to do, I can be 
more helpful.


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