[Icecast] Config ICECAST server in Wndows XP Pro

tam taly tamilmannan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 04:29:24 UTC 2006

Hi Geoff,

     Thanks Geoff, We are currectly working in Asp.Net 1.1.  We want to do 2


   1. Actually we are having MP3 file which is in server (Eg.
   www.myserver.com/admin/music/myvoice.mp3 ). When user hit the url they
   want to get the music with streaming.
   2. We want to give live voice streaming to users (Eg: Live Cricket
   Commentary). When user is in our web page , they have to hear live voice or
   some how they want to hear live voice with streaming.

Waiting for your reply

Thanks in advance

Kind regards,

On 2/14/06, Geoff Shang <geoff at hitsandpieces.net> wrote:

> tam taly wrote:
> >   Thanks for Your reply. We are not able understand How to config Source
> > point
> If you mean mountpoint, you might not need or want to do anything with it.
> > and what is the differences between admin and source because here in
> > this document we are entering separate password for admin and source. If
> > admin means ICECAST admin then I don't have any user name or password
> for my
> > ICECAST server which is installed in my system.
> The admin username and password are the username and password that a user
> has to enter when wanting to administer your server, done by going to
> http://<server>:<port>/admin/<a template in your admin dir>.
> > We are not able understand
> > what is meant by relay user?
> There are two types of relaying that can be done, individual streams and
> entire server relaying.  An individual stream relay just works like any
> other listener.  If you want an Icecast server to relay all the streams on
> another Icecast server, you can put the slave into server relay mode, and
> to do this it needs to provide the relay password.  I actually thought
> that
> there was only a password but maybe there's a username too.  Anyway,
> that's
> what that is for.
> > What is meant by YP Directory Settings? How it
> > is useful to our server and what are functions of YP Directory Settings.
> A YP directory is a site where streams are listed.  An example of an
> Icecast YP directory is http://dir.xiph.org
> >            In this document all commands are in Linux based only, that
> is
> > confusing us because we are using windows. How listener receives the
> voice
> > or music from us.
> There is a chapter on Windows down near the bottom.
> For a listener to hear your stream, they either need to enter the direct
> server URL of your stream into the Open Location box of their player, or
> they need to click on a link on your website which contains this URL.  The
> latter case is more common.  So say you had a stream on the mountpoint
> /mystream.ogg, and your server is on server.com on port 8000.  Then you'd
> make a .m3u file containing:
> http://server.com:8000/mystream.ogg
> and place a link to it on your website.  All things being equal, a
> listener
> would click on this link, the .m3u file would download and launch the
> appropriate player, which would open the M3U file and begin streaming your
> audio.
> >            Can you please guide us and help to config the server. If you
> > have any sample files which is works windows XP pro please send it.
> The config file is the same for either Win32 or *nix, though a couple of
> things in the file don't apply to Windows.
> Perhaps if you tell us in more detail what it is you want to do, I can be
> more helpful.
> Geoff.

With Regards,
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