[Icecast] making ices under Mac OS X

Paulie Pena IV paulie4 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 04:04:21 UTC 2006

After I got the libshout problem taken care of, I tried installing
installing ices.  It gave the following error:
metadata.c:55: error: 'fd_set' undeclared (first use in this function)
I searched the internet for fd_set and found that select uses it,
which needs sys/time.h, which wasn't included in metadata.c, so I
added #include <sys/time.h> with the other includes, and it seems to
have compiled correctly.  Hope this helps somebody.

Also, does the icecast website have a list of what programs require
what dependencies?  I had to try to ./configure icecast before it told
me I needed libogg and libvorbis, and I had to try to ./configure ices
before I found out I needed libshout.


On 4/19/06, Paulie Pena IV <paulie4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not sure if the libogg, libvorbis, or libshout installation caused
> the following problem.  libogg and libvorbis seemed to install without
> any errors on my Mac OS X 10.4, but for some reason when I tried
> configuring libshout it died with this message: "configure:23903:
> error: requisite Ogg Vorbis library not found."  I looked through the
> config.log file and found this error:
> /usr/local/include/ogg/config_types.h:6: error: parse error before
> 'ogg_uint16_t'
> /usr/local/include/ogg/config_types.h:8: error: parse error before
> 'ogg_uint32_t'
> I found /usr/local/include/ogg/config_types.h had the following:
> /* these are filled in by configure */
> typedef int16_t ogg_int16_t;
> typedef u_int16_t ogg_uint16_t;
>     INSTEAD OF typedef u_int16_t ogg_uint16_t
> typedef int32_t ogg_int32_t;
> typedef u_int32_t ogg_uint32_t;
>    INSTEAD OF typedef u_int32_t ogg_uint32_t
> typedef int64_t ogg_int64_t;
> I'm not sure why it would have uint16_t since
> /usr/local/include/ogg/os_types.h doesn't have uint16_t under any of
> its OS sections.  I manually changed those two values to what
> ogg/os_types.h had for my OS and ran ./configure again, and the error
> message went away.  I hope this helps anyone else who has this
> problem.
> -Paulie

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