[Icecast] found answer (Re: is there a way to insert 'description' for a relayed stream?)

sci-fi at hush.ai sci-fi at hush.ai
Sat Apr 15 09:30:15 UTC 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 01:11:36 -0500 sci-fi at hush.ai wrote:
>When icecast2-server is relaying a non-icecast feed, is there any 
>way to add 'description' data to it?

I had to add a <mount>...</mount> section matching the mountpoint's 
name etc. for the new icecast2 relay stream, then I added
inside it.


Don't want to add any other stream-* items there because those will 
dynamically change with the update_sc.sh script.

(I swear I looked up the on-line docs last week, didn't find 
anything, but now this info is there... oh well, maybe first signs 
of gettin' too old <g>)

Thanks for puttin' up with me here.

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