[Icecast] is there a way to insert 'description' for a relayed stream?

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Sat Apr 15 06:11:36 UTC 2006


When icecast2-server is relaying a non-icecast feed, is there any 
way to add 'description' data to it?

This is a minor quibble but I don't see a way around this.

As my charts & discussion at Peercast.org's forum shows (pointed to 
in my earlier posts here), we had to put sc_serv at the 'hub' of 
the netcast feedpoint, mainly so we'd only encode once but 
distribute many-places, but also so the AIM/ICQ/IRC info would show-
up at yp.shoutcast.com (no other open-source server seems to 
support the icy-bits for AIM/ICQ/IRC data) and be propagated out to 
relays/YPs that do support it.  Another good reason for a single 
feedpoint like this is to use the update_sc.sh script at only that 
point to update the 'live' metadata in that manner for all relays.  
N.b. that icecast2 cannot act as the hub, because sc_serv would go 
into relay-mode itself and not receive any AIM/ICQ/IRC data since 
icecast2 itself doesn't support such; and while in this mode, 
sc_serv won't accept AIM/ICQ/IRC data from its own conf file either 
(yes I tested this).

This means in the present design of things here, the icecast2 
server shows "Unspecified description" for the icecast-related YP 
sites (while we're netcasting on Friday/Saturday nights, search for 
'KOKF' at the icecast-YPs and you'll see what I mean ;) ).

I inserted a <description>blah</description> line in the main part 
of icecast.xml, but it doesn't show up at the YPs.  Nothing at 
loglevel=4 is saying this line gets rejected, either.

I don't see a way to add such info to any other component in the 
icecast.xml e.g. <relay>, <listen-socket>, <mount>, etc. or thru 
admin webbrowser metadata updates.

I'm using jackd-cvs and darkice-cvs (see my other messages posted 
to those lists for details).  I know the "shouter" is suppose to 
send this description info.  Yes I could create another section in 
darkice.cfg specific for [icecast2] and add this info to it there, 
but we'd be doing double-duty compressing the same jackd input 
twice for no other good reason wasting CPU cycles etc.

OTOH as my other message elude to, I might as well start 
experimenting with multiple feeds & formats, now that we have a 
Dual G5 to use.  :)  But what's the use of two mp3 threads running 
the very same specs just to get the <description> data properly to 

Of the two, missing the AIM/ICQ/IRC info is the worser, so we are 
going without any icecast-YP descriptions.  (I don't have nor want 
a website where we could refer listeners to such info, this is just 
a hobby for cryin' out loud <g>, but if AIM/ICQ/IRC data is part of 
an official icy-spec then why not have icecast2/YPs support it?).

Thank you.

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