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Wed Sep 14 12:52:21 UTC 2005

Balint Jacint wrote:
> I have an icecast2 server installed, and I need to set up a Linux-based 
> computer that sends a church's programs to the icecast server. (Both 
> worship and teaching.)
> What application do you suggest? It would be really pleasing if I 
> wouldn't need X11 to use the software, and it would display (with 
> charactergraphics) the current signal level. The signal level is quite 
> dynamic, so I do need dynamic compression on the fly.

Ices, Darkice, most of the normal stream creation bits don't need X11
Do you mean normalisation?

> The other question: I run an internet radio that reads Ogg files from 
> the disc and uses streamTranscoder to create the mp3 stream. There's a 
> need for WMA as well. How is it possible to create WMA from the Ogg 
> stream on the fly? Does streamTranscoder support this? If yes, could 
> please someone send an example configuration file? (The WMA streaming 
> server will be a Windows server.)

WMA is Microsoft only so you will probably need to use Microsoft 
software to do this.

But if you already have MP3 I realy don't see the reason for WMA, as 
anything that plays WMA is likely to also play MP3.

Chris Jones, SUCS Admin

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