[Icecast] live broadcast + WMA

Balint Jacint bjacint at kvark.hu
Wed Sep 14 14:24:37 UTC 2005

_+icecast at sucs.org wrote:

> Ices, Darkice, most of the normal stream creation bits don't need X11
> Do you mean normalisation?

I mean dynamic compression.

> WMA is Microsoft only so you will probably need to use Microsoft 
> software to do this.
> But if you already have MP3 I realy don't see the reason for WMA, as 
> anything that plays WMA is likely to also play MP3.

A guy offered the option to use a Windows streaming server for free, and 
we would like to use it. It's so simple. :)
Are you sure streamTranscoder can't produce a WMA?


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