[Icecast] Legal issues for non-profit radio stations.

chip chiapas at riseup.net
Tue Oct 18 14:07:12 UTC 2005


Michael Hobbs wrote:
> Hi All,
> Some time ago I emailed this list and mentioned (as well as a couple of
> techinical queries) that I was trying to contact the PRS for information
> on the copyright licencing requirements of a non-profit on-line radio
> station, a few people expressed interest in this and asked I keep them
> updated. Well I just sent my third email (transcript below) informing them
> that I will assume a further lack of response as permission from them to
> play whatever.

don't forget PPL - there's more on this here:


you could always contact the Community Media Association who run a free
streaming service for members and who are in some sort of dialogue with


but at the end of the day if the MCPS-PRS are too overwhelmed to be able
to respond to your emails and letters then it sounds like they hardly have
the resources and will power to enforce the licencing requirements that
are in place.



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