[Icecast] NSV Problems

Henri Zikken henri.zikken at deltasolutions.nl
Tue Oct 11 05:41:12 UTC 2005

I got this mail today:

Dear Friend, 

Let me start by introducing myself properly to you. I
am Mr. Michael Smith, I work with the Absa Bank SA as an account officer in
the Treasury/Credit Control Unit. I came to know you in private search for a
reliable and reputable person to handle this confidential transaction, which
involve the transfer of a huge sum of money into a foriegn account requiring
maximum confidence.

[cut rest of spam]

This message was signed by 'Michael Smith', and sent from
ml_smith190 at hotmail.com. I believe this message to be part of a scam to
cheat people out of their money.

I suggest you scan your computers for virusses and malware. 

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Aan: Jason at weatherserver.net
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Onderwerp: Re: [Icecast] NSV Problems

On 10/11/05, Jason (WeatherServer) <Jason at weatherserver.net> wrote:
> For some reason using the 2.3.0 Version I can no longer stream 
> Nullsoft Video.
> I have the correct tags in the config file but for some reason the 
> server will not accept the connection from the encoder.
> I started up shoutcast DSP and it streams fine so I know it's not the 
> encoder itself.
> Anyone else seeing this or can tell me how to fix it?

I believe this is a bug in the shoutcast NSV source client.

There was a workaround for it in earlier versions which got lost in the 2.3
development cycle; it's been reinstated since.

You can expect to see this in a 2.3.1 release sometime soon. In the
meantime, you could build the current SVN version.

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