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sci-fi at hush.ai sci-fi at hush.ai
Wed Nov 23 18:47:26 UTC 2005

On Wed, 23 Nov 2005 00:20:44 -0800 EISELE Pascal <pe at letsgozic.com> 
> Hello,


> Icecast is a great project but there is one big
> problem left ! We can't register into shoutcast
> directory which is the mosted used radio directory
> in the world. So this realy difficult to find more
> listeners... After many search, I was thinking that
> the only way to get our radio into shoutcast
> directory was to setup a shoutcast relay using our
> icecast server. Unfortunatly it seams not working
> because shoutcast don't get any information from our
> icecast server (genre, stream url, ...).
> Is someone has experimented a such case ?
> Thanks
> Pascal

There should be a sample xml file in the icecast dist to
show you how to set up a mount-point to emulate a
Shoutcast feed.  Look for the file named
'icecast_shoutcast_compat.xml.dist' in your icecast dist
(version 2.3.0).  This needs a pair of <listen-socket>
sections, one with the first port (TCP/IP) number, and
the second with port+1, of UNUSED ports.  Make sure to
enable the <shoutcast-compat> flag in the second one. 
This still needs you to run a Shoutcast server task
(sc_serv), of course, to register on their YP.

If this does not work, and I did end up doing this
myself:  Make the Shoutcast server (sc_serv) be your main
'driver' for the icecast feed i.e. icecast will be the
relay and pull from your sc_serv.  In this case, your
icecast xml config <relay> section points to the ip:port
of sc_serv and simply uses '/' as the mount-point -- also
turn on the <relay-shoutcast-metadata> flag there.

I tried to trick our Shoutcast YP listing to make people
point to the other stream URL.  It only works if someone
tries to click on your "hostname" line of the YP entry,
which then does not point them to your website.  :(

For an extreme write-up describing our set-up, and since
we are trying to use p2p streaming also, please feel free
to read my posts at the Peercast forums:


Since we run everything on one machine, all the relays
come from 'localhost' (, so this should not
affect the network connection, meaning no bandwidth is
used this way.

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