[Icecast] Buffering / disconnect problem

Lorenz Schoder angro at gmx.de
Sat Nov 26 19:11:59 UTC 2005

We use IceS2 as source and Icecast 2.3.0 as servertool, streaming ogg 
vorbis in 128kbit/s, players: oggwinamp, vorbis player.
We have got a new rented server (3ghz) with hardly any application 
running on it and a 100 mbit connection.
We have 4 people testing the server and although they all got 2mbit 
connections without running any downloads/uploads all of us got 
bufferings, sometimes even we have to redo the authentification. 
Bufferings seem to happen more often the longer we have the server 
running, but I am not totally sure.

Maybe it has nothing to do with it,
		-we transcode the ogg files
		-some commentlines of the id3 tags seem to be endless

I got no clue where the problem is.
Would be kind to get some help and sorry for the funny english.

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